Artificial Putting Green for Golf in your Home

If you love a good game of Golf, then you probably have a membership for the nearest course. However, sometimes you just want to play recreationally or practice but don’t have the energy to leave your home. What could be better than having a putting green in your own yard for this purpose?

With the artificial grass Frisco from NexGen Lawns, you can easily install a golf putting green along with artificial grass fringe in your own yard. It works as great as a traditional green but requires much less maintenance. Whether you want to chip long shots or improve your game, this is one of the best solutions to try.

Features of the NexGen Lawns’ Putting Green

The putting green comes equipped with a quality drainage system and infill material. The system comes together to keep the turf clean, hygienic, and dry. Even during the rainy season, you will find the turf in good condition.

The drainage system can be either made of crushed stone or an air panel. The crushed stone is laid under the turf to absorb the waste and other debris. The air panel separates the turf from the concrete. A drainage point is pre-selected towards which the waste is directed when it is time to drain.

The infill material works to keep all kinds of odors away. It is called the Zeofill Pet Deodorizer. The amount of infill used can vary according to what type of turf you have chosen for the putting green.

Choosing the Right Putting Green

You can choose between the texturized and split-film composition for installing the artificial grass Frisco as a putting green in your yard. The split-film is best for long shots as it contains more infill material. However, the split-film also takes more maintenance in order to get the most durability out of it. On the other hand, even with a limited amount of infill material, the texturized putting green lasts longer. Both compositions are still quite high-quality and look natural as well. With both types of putting green turfs, you will have to replenish the infill. This additional infill can also be bought from NexGen Lawns.

With the artificial putting green, you will be able to enjoy golf right in your backyard. You won’t have to worry about high-maintenance, accumulated waste or odors as the turf is designed to take care of these issues. Another benefit is that the turf will remain fresh and green throughout the year. You won’t have to take any special measures to maintain it according to different weathers and temperatures.

NexGen Lawns can also be hired for installing the turf in your yard. The installation method matters a lot if you want to retain the quality of the artificial grass Frisco. The experts from NexGen will seamlessly install the turf so that it looks neat and the drainage system works well. To get access to your very own golf course, contact NexGen Lawns today.